DeLAND, Fla. – Debris from Tuesday’s EF-2 tornado hadn’t even settled yet, when Alvin Azama and his neighbors said people swarmed Kensington Avenue, soliciting their services.

“I had so many business cards at my door, it wasn’t even funny,” Azama said. “It’s inconsiderate because you don’t even have time to think what actually went on and assess the damage yourself before everybody is in your face and asking questions and wanting to help you, supposedly.”

Azama said his alarm bells went off when the person asked him to immediately sign a contract to fix his damaged roof.

“They want to give you a free estimate on your roof damage and then when you do that, then they want you to sign a contract. I just feel like it’s all scams,” he said.

The Ef-2 tornado whipped through DeLand on Aug. 18 causing $7.4 million in damages to homes and businesses

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