WASHINGTON (AP) — Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, pressed by senators over mail delivery disruptions, said Friday he was unaware of changes that sparked a public uproar, but his responses raised fresh questions about how the Postal Service will ensure timely delivery of ballots for the November election.

DeJoy told senators he has zero plans to restore blue mailboxes and sorting equipment that have been removed, saying they are “not needed.” He did say that election mail would continue to be prioritized for delivery as in years past.

But while DeJoy distanced himself from President Donald Trump’s complaints about mail-in ballots that are expected to surge in the coronavirus pandemic, he told senators could not yet provide a detailed plan about how he will ensure on-time election mail delivery.

DeJoy promised the Postal Service “is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on-time.” He said that

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TUCSON (KVOA) – In a letter Tuesday morning, U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said he is suspending cost-cutting measures at the United States Postal Service until after this fall’s presidential election. 

About a dozen postal workers in Tucson were joined by Rep. Raul Grijalva Tuesday at the post office station on Silverbell Road, on the west side. The workers spoke out against the changes some already taking place at post offices in Southern Arizona. 

Michael Moriconi, the president of the American Postal Workers Union local chapter tells News 4 Tucson, several processing machines at the main Tucson processing center on Cherrybell are already disconnected. He’s unsure if they’ll go back into service. 

“We’re in the process of losing four mail processing machines that processes between 10,000 and 30,00 pieces of mail per hour,” Moriconi said. “With the reduction in those services, it’s going to affect your delivery times on everything

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  • Protesters on Saturday gathered outside the Washington, DC home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and marched through his neighborhood to slam his handling of the postal service.
  • DeJoy, a former Republican donor, has made cost-cutting measures that protesters argue undermine the USPS and risk states’ expansion of mail-in-voting due to COVID-19.
  • President Donald Trump on Thursday, a staunch opponent of main-in-voting, said he was withholding bailout funds to the postal service in an effort to intentionally sabotage main-in ballots though he later walked back the comments.
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Protesters on Saturday gathered outside the Washington, DC, home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy over claims his cost-cutting measures are slowing down mail delivery and could adversely impact mail-in-voting in November.

According to WUSA, organizers from a group called Shut Down DC organized the “noise demonstration” outside DeJoy’s home in Kalorama Park, a community in the Adams

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