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You’re running your own solo business. That’s great! But what kind of business ARE you, really? The bottom line is that whatever you choose to call yourself, if you earn income on your own and not as wages from an employer, you’re a business owner. There is no legal or financial difference between being a business owner and being self-employed or an independent contractor.

The different terms for self-employment have gray areas and overlap. Ultimately, how you represent yourself to potential clients or fellow guests at cocktail parties is entirely up to you.

There are many versions of solo businesses, and yours may evolve over time. Consider the type of venture you want to build or

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The U.K. and Japan announced on Friday that they had reached agreement on a trade deal, boosting Britain’s hopes of being able to strike similar agreements with other major economies once it has cut its ties with the European Union’s single market.

a sign in front of a building: Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan operates a production facility in Sunderland, England.

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Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan operates a production facility in Sunderland, England.

• Britain’s first bilateral trade deal after Brexit mirrors the trade agreement reached a few months ago by the EU with Japan. According to U.K. officials, it will increase trade between the two countries by £15 billion a year, over an unspecified period of time.


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• That would amount to a nearly 50% increase in trade, from a current £29 billion, or $37 billion (as of 2018). But according to trade experts, the increase would have been larger if the U.K. had chosen to stay in the single market and benefited from

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Like many of you, I have struggled since the video of George Floyd’s death was shared on screens across the world. I stared at my television in disbelief and wondered, “How could this be happening again?” I closed my eyes; I felt ashamed, and I got emotional.

The issues are complex, the answer on the other hand now seems so simple. We got here because the majority let it happen — despite cries for help from our brothers and sisters whose skin color may not look like our own. We have sat silently, and we have not demanded change.

Although I have not personally endured what our communities of color have experienced, I do know the difference between right and wrong. It is with this in mind that I pray we will come together and stand up and be heard, that we will serve as allies and not bystanders. Immediately

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