Verdant employees revel in the fact that “we’re different.”

Verdant is not your typical accounting firm.

From the services it provides to the office atmosphere, the company bucks industry stereotypes in more ways than one, according to Brian Goracke, Verdant’s president.

“I really do feel that we’re different,” he said. “I guess everybody thinks of the typical, boring accounting firm … we are completely the opposite of that.”


In the decades since Verdant’s founding, the company has retained its “family feel,” which is the heart of its culture.

“We really are family,” Goracke said. “We take care of each other, whether it’s business or personal. Everyone has each other’s backs.”

That bond between team members creates a business-world domino effect where employees feel comfortable communicating with each other and with clients, which leads to strong customer service.

“I truly think clients are happy to see their accountant because

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Together, these data points have been enough to create an outlook that, while not exactly rosy, is at least no longer pallid. At the same time, the improvements are hardly so significant that they would prompt the Federal Reserve to pull back its support for the economy. The Fed has started new programs to buy Treasury bonds and other financial assets to calm investors, and is financing those programs by essentially creating new money.

“It seems to me that markets have decided this economic environment is the best of both worlds: enough economic recovery to support corporate earnings and prevent a substantial recession, but not so much that the Fed would have to raise interest rates and tighten monetary policy,” said Scott Clemons, chief investment strategist for private banking at Brown Brothers Harriman, an investment bank.

Several times in recent days, the S&P 500 had crisscrossed its Feb. 19 closing

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