The overall rain surplus for the country as a whole until Sunday (June 1 –August 16) has risen to four per cent as an active monsoon trough with an embedded circulation from an erstwhile low-pressure area at one end pumped in strong and moist winds from the Arabian Sea even as a prevailing low-pressure area held up the other end.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) located this low, weakened from being well-marked the previous day, over Jharkhand and neighbourhood on Sunday afternoon. This low is helping in a stream of easterly monsoon winds from the Bay of Bengal to converge overland with the south-westerlies from the Arabian Sea. 

Deficit over North-West moderates

It would continue to move towards North-West India and weaken further over the next two days. It is into these friendly monsoon settings that a new low likely forming in the Bay by Wednesday would throw itself in,

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