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In the fall of 2016, Angela Bolger ordered a replacement battery for her HP laptop for $12.30 through Amazon Prime. Once it arrived at her San Diego home, she popped it in and then noticed a weird sound.

She flipped the laptop to her ear, then back over to her lap, and then “it suddenly exploded like a bomb, flaming melted battery shrapnel went everywhere. My bed was on fire, my floor was on fire, my room was like a warzone.”

Bolger used a pillow to try to smother the flames, later realizing she was so severely burned she had to spend weeks in a hospital’s burn unit and required extensive skin graft surgery for her arms and legs.


“My hands and feet were charred and blistered beyond belief,” Bolger, a previous marathon runner, said. She told her story virtually, her voice laden with emotion, to

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