NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2020 / The music business, as tricky as it is, has a hack, and Adam Ivy’s music education company, Sell Music Academy, Inc. specializes in providing that hack to aspirants. With his extensive experience in the music industry, he is well-positioned to show music business enthusiasts how to play the game and play it well.

Adam Ivy is a music producer whose initial foray into media production on YouTube has evolved into quite a lot of things over the years. He is a brand strategist, a renowned creative marketing specialist with lots of awards to his name, and a seasoned educator.

His journey started with an 800-dollar investment, which has yielded a six-figure income, and continues to do so. The marketing techniques that he currently capitalizes in are the same ones that have worked for him. Known for creating a brand that

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Company continues to advance its Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals through empowering employees to foster collective impact

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), a global chemistry company with leading market positions in fluoroproducts, titanium technologies, and chemical solutions, today published its third annual Corporate Responsibility Commitment report, continuing the company’s commitment to responsible chemistry.

The company’s Corporate Responsibility Commitment is anchored by ten bold goals targeted for completion by 2030 that are aligned across three key pillars–Inspired People, Shared Planet and Evolved Portfolio. They cover eight key areas of focus that the company defines as follows:

Safety Excellence–Focusing on the safety of our people, communities and the environment around us

Vibrant Communities–Investing in our communities to improve lives through education, safety, and sustainable environment programs

Empowered Employees–Building an engaged global workforce to reflect the varied viewpoints and diversity of the communities in which

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