ANN ARBOR, Mich. – In the spirit of Small Business Week here in Michigan Home Point Financial, a wholesale mortgage lender based in Ann Arbor has an exciting opportunity for aspiring business owners in the mortgage industry.

On Friday, Home Point announced a new charitable community foundation, from which it will dedicate $1 million in grants to fund 50 new minority-owned and female-owned mortgage brokerages throughout the nation.

The lender will allocate $500,000 to create 25 minority-owned brokerages and $500,000 to create 25 female-owned mortgage brokerages throughout the country.

Awards include one $50,000 grant, four $25,000 grants and 20 $17,500 grants per category.

“At Home Point, we’re passionate about expanding opportunities for people from all walks of life interested in participating in the mortgage industry,” said Phil Shoemaker, President of Originations at Home Point Financial. “Through this foundation, we’re committed to investing our financial and human capital where it’s needed

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