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SallyAnn Kelly argues that with child poverty growing everyday, the Scottish Government’s failure to deliver the Scottish Child Payment undermines the rights of children in Scotland. #NeverMoreNeeded

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8th September 2020 by TFN Guest

Last week the Scottish Government published its Programme for Government for 2020/21 – Protecting Scotland, Renewing Scotland – outlining the things they wish to do between now and the end of this parliament next year. Presenting the government’s programme and reflecting on its response to the Covid19 pandemic over the last five months, Nicola Sturgeon said to the Scottish Parliament: “A new hospital was created in a matter of weeks, armies of volunteers and public sector workers made sure that the vulnerable had access to food and medicines, rough sleepers were given places to stay and unprecedented support for business was distributed quickly and effectively.”

It is right that the First Minister should acknowledge the efforts of

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Electrocomponents (OTCPK:EENEF, OTCPK:EENEY) is a U.K.-listed electrical components supplier with global operations. I don’t think the shares currently offer good value, but the company is a strong operator in a fairly resilient area of demand, so is worth keeping an eye on in case of a more attractive entry point offering itself.

Electrocomponents: A Leading Global Supplier of Electrical Components

The company supplies electrical components to industrial companies and suppliers. Some of these are very simple – little bits of wire and such like. Others are more complex, including finished items like circuit boards. The company catalogue covers hundreds of thousands of items, so can help plug a gap in a supply chain at short need.

One of the good – and bad – things about this is that it is a fairly simple business model both to understand and, in theory, to offer. At a basic level, the company

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After months-long cinema closures, the U.S. box office has opened to the most significant degree since pre-pandemic times.

Movie theaters in Florida, Texas, Georgia and other parts of the country that were able to safely reopen welcomed the first major theatrical premiere since March: Solstice Studios’ “Unhinged,” a thriller starring Russell Crowe. The film played in 1,823 venues in North America, marking the widest release yet since the pandemic hit.

“Unhinged” pocketed more than $4 million over the weekend, a promising result given the challenging environment. In normal times, that figure wouldn’t be much to crow about. However, only a fraction of the nation’s 6,000 movie theaters are currently in business — and major markets like New York, California and New Jersey are still closed without a set date to reopen. The biggest ticket sales for “Unhinged” came from drive-ins in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento, as well as

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