• Debuild cofounder and CEO Sharif Shameem used OpenAI’s GPT-3 tool to build a program that allows users to build a website just by describing how it should look like and work.
  • GPT-3 is able to understand both formal and conversational human language, and developers have used it for creative writing, building websites, and more.
  • He wants the tool to allow even non-technical people to design websites, and doesn’t think GPT-3’s code writing abilities will ever replace humans entirely: “If anything, it will increase the number of programmers in the world.”
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In July, Debuild cofounder and CEO Sharif Shameem tweeted about a project he created that allowed him to build a website simply by describing its design.  

In the text box, he typed, “the google logo, a search box, and 2 lightgrey buttons that say ‘Search Google’ and ‘I’m Feeling Lucky.” The program then

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