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IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. citizens with overseas assets or offshore bank or financial accounts are required to report these holdings to the IRS each year on a “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts,” or “FBAR.” Failure to do so can result in fines that will be enhanced if your actions are deemed to have been willful. Aside from this, taxpayers who fail to file FBAR can also be subject to the “fraudulent failure to file” penalty relating to your overall return, but only if their actions were sufficiently deliberate. Since the standards for both of these actions seem essentially the same- the deliberate attempt to avoid tax liability by failing to file documents- you might think that if a court were to sustain the application of one of these penalties, they would sustain the other.  

Logo (PRNewsfoto/Tax Law Offices of David W Klas)
Logo (PRNewsfoto/Tax Law Offices of David W Klas)


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An esports company partly owned by one of the world’s most iconic sportsmen is looking to raise £20 million ($25.9 million) by listing its shares on the London Stock Exchange–and with it, it’s hoping to establish dominance in some of the most competitive games out there.

Guild Esports, the esports business co-owned by David Beckham, today announced its plans to float on the main market of the LSE. With the megabucks it plans to raise, Guild hopes to establish itself in a number of titles including Fortnite, Rocket League, CS:GO and, rather unsurprisingly, FIFA. Additional funds will also be pushed into the Guild brand, apparently taking advantage of a growing esports apparel and merchandise market.

The young company, which only launched in June 2020, has quickly created a management team of esports veterans

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(Bloomberg Businessweek) — David Graeber, who died of undisclosed causes on Wednesday at the age of 59, was a prominent anthropologist who taught at the London School of Economics—and famously, an anarchist—but he disliked being referred to as “the anarchist anthropologist,” as he inevitably was. Most people, he thought, misunderstood what anarchism meant. Even those who didn’t associate it with running street battles and wanton crimes against property dismissed it as farcically utopian. “Most people don’t think anarchism is a bad idea, they think it’s insane,” he told me. “Yeah, sure it would be great not to have prisons and police and hierarchical structures of authority, but everybody would just start killing each other. That wouldn’t work, right?”


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Graeber thought it could. His Kansas-born father had enlisted with the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, alongside anarchists who had briefly run Barcelona according to their principles. (Graeber’s

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INDIANAPOLIS — Former Colts running backs coach David Walker was just sitting in his office in the middle of the lockdown, talking football with a handful of high school coaches he knew.

His son Jordan poked his head into the room. Liked what he heard. Sat down for 20 minutes or so, got back up, walked away for another 20 minutes, looked back into the office.

There was his father. Still talking ball.

“You’ve got a business idea right there,” Jordan told his father when he finally left the Zoom. “You’re working with coaches, teaching coaches. We’ve got to make this a business.”

Walker laughed it off. His son’s  19, a freshman at Notre Dame.

But 48 hours later, Jordan had put together a website,, and kept talking until ideas started forming in his father’s head. Walker, who last coached with the Lions in 2018 and has been working

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Heads have rolled at AMP, and rightly so.

Particularly the head of chairman David Murray, who this week resigned, somewhat unapologetically, over the sexual harassment scandal that has enveloped the embattled Australian financial services giant.

As chair, the buck stopped with Murray.

The board’s decision to promote executive Boe Pahari, an executive with a record of sexual harassment, to one of its most senior positions was bad enough.

Compounding the problem was the way the board defended its decision, downplaying the offence and dismissing staff concerns, until finally buckling under shareholder pressure.

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AMP doesn’t just have a women problem. It has an everyone problem

Appointed to replace Catherine Brenner in 2018 in the wake of the damning findings of the banking royal commission, the veteran banker was probably never the right man to salvage AMP’s tattered reputation.

Consider his statement announcing his departure.

In it he managed to

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Chris Scardino, an 18-year veteran of American Media, was named president of A360 Media, the New York-based unit that will house American Media’s former titles, which also include Us Weekly, Life & Style and OK! Pecker will serve as an “executive advisor” to the company’s A360 Media division, Accelerate said.

Under Pecker, the National Enquirer for years buried potentially embarrassing stories about Trump and other favored celebrities by buying the rights to them and never publishing. The practice was known as “catch-and-kill.”

The Associated Press reported Pecker kept a safe in the Enquirer’s office that held documents on buried stories, including those involving Trump.

American Media admitted it had paid $150,000 to keep former Playboy model Karen McDougal quiet about an alleged affair with Trump to help his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has denied an affair.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan agreed in 2018 not to prosecute American Media in exchange

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He’s known as one of Wall Street’s longtime bears.

But David Rosenberg appears to exude more optimism than pessimism these days.

The chief economist and strategist at Rosenberg Research sees signs the economy doesn’t require a second coronavirus aid package right now.

“Maybe we don’t need to have another stimulus package this quickly because the first one was so huge,” he told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Thursday. “We still have a personal savings rate in the U.S. of 19%. It’s almost triple what it was in the pre-Covid norm.”

Rosenberg builds his case on proprietary research that shows only half of the stimulus checks issued in the spring have been spent.

“There’s a lot of dry powder left over from the first package. So, that’s one of the reasons why I think … the stock market hasn’t had a conniption because of the stalemate in Washington,” he said. “It’s because

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  • Natalie Mariduena has over 4 million followers on Instagram and is known online as YouTube star David Dobrik’s childhood best friend and assistant. 
  • When she’s not appearing in Dobrik’s vlogs or TikToks, she is working beside him to help design items of merchandise or plan out content. 
  • Her involvement in the business started a few years ago as an intern, when Dobrik asked her to come out to Los Angeles and help him out.
  • Mariduena spoke with Business Insider about what it’s like to work for Dobrik and explained how his business works.
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Fans of YouTube star David Dobrik know Natalie Mariduena as “David’s assistant Natalie,” and his childhood best friend from Chicago.

Officially, Mariduena is an executive assistant of David Dobrik LLC, and when she’s not appearing in Dobrik’s vlogs or TikToks, she is working beside him to help scale the

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In a conference call Tuesday that David Njoku knew was coming for a month, it still seemed to catch him by surprise that the local media had multiple questions about his trade request from July. 

“Like I said, I am not going into that at this moment. I am a Cleveland Brown for the time being. For now, I am a Cleveland Brown for the time being, and I am just going to leave it like that. Thank you.”

This was a pretty typical answer from Njoku addressing his status with the Cleveland Browns. From the first question, it took a uncomfortable turn and Njoku was largely fighting his way through the questions over the next several minutes. He became curt at points. His frustration with the topics made him seem unhappy with his situation, despite saying he’s comfortable here.

As Njoku relaxed with a few more questions, Tony Grossi

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Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions

An Inquiry into Business Liability Protection in Regards to COVID 19

By David C. Spokely


August 16, 2020

Sunday PM

My son and I are the owners and operators of several small businesses in the Borough of Ketchikan. For the most part, our businesses are industrial in nature, but we also have some retail operations. Recently we have ventured into the tourism industry. Our industrial operations have been deemed as essential, so we have maintained employment levels in those areas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our retail and tourism operations have been reduced to a level many would consider nearly non-existent.

My wife calls it a planned-demic because of the minimal scientific evidence and excessive fear that has been promulgated by the media. We see individuals driving

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