Senate Judiciary Committee member Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., spent the time allotted for him to question Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett Tuesday on a “hypocritical monologue” that claimed “dark money” was behind her nomination, “The Five” co-host Dagen McDowell argued.

“I wanted to talk about Sheldon Whitehouse and the hypocritical monologue or lecture that he hacked up in front of her,” McDowell began. “[He didn’t] ask her one question. Not one. He implied that Amy Coney Barrett is not there because of her accomplishments, because of her intellect, because of how she’s lived her life, but that she’s there because she’s a pawn of dark money.

“Hypocrite! You know what that also is?” she asked. “That’s sexist. Let me call him out on it.”

McDowell recounted how Whitehouse, a former federal prosecutor, offered a 30-minute dissertation on how the Federalist Society and Judicial Crisis Network have purportedly conspired to spend

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As the NFL was spilling over with shock, sadness and hopeful wishes for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on Sunday night, he was laying in a hospital bed in Dallas. Flanked by his brother, Tad, and preparing for surgery on his compound fractured ankle, Prescott was already getting on with the business of getting on.

There aren’t many positive ways to frame this season’s ugliest injury, but this is one: If there is anything we have learned about Rayne Dakota Prescott, he is an irrepressibly buoyant human being.

That is the ray of light penetrating Sunday’s dark cloud for the Cowboys and their franchise quarterback. It’s something positive for a franchise that has lost an unquestionably important player and a player who has lost an unquestionably important season. Neither wanted to be in this situation, but 2020 has been cruel that way. This year has repeatedly taught us that resiliency

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October 5, 2020

NEWINGTON—Businesses are invited to take a safe look inside the dark web as Daystar hosts a one-hour webinar on Digital Risk: Protecting Your Business From the Dark Web on Oct. 21 at 11 a.m. Daystar CEO Keith Bamford will host the discussion that will include expert insight from Kaseya’s Will Bishop.

The dark web is an unregulated part of the Internet that can only be accessed by special browsers. Although not everything on the dark web is illegal, it is well-known as a hotbed for digital criminal activity. A vast online marketplace where hackers and other cyber criminals can anonymously trade stolen credentials, sensitive customer or financial data, malware infections and more pose a serious risk to an organization’s data security.

“Businesses across New England are challenged with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. With most attacks going undetected for approximately seven months, many businesses don’t even realize their employees’

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The Arizona Court of Appeals’ decision to lift a ban that opens the door for “dark money” contributions to political races will increase the risk of corruption in the state’s politics, according to watchdog groups.

The ruling reinstated a 2017 law in which the Republican-led legislature allowed any group that the IRS classified as a nonprofit not to disclose its donors, regardless of whether the voter-created Citizens Clean Elections Commission approved. Organizations aren’t disqualified under the law even if they use funding to elect or oust candidates.


The ruling essentially defangs the commission, which voters set up up to determine whether an organization was really a charity or a political action committee (PAC) and thus required to disclose its donors.

Political parties will now be able to spend unlimited amounts on behalf of their candidates without disclosure,

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A newly published report into the new economy of the dark web from cybersecurity-as-a-service specialist Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU), contains much of what you might expect. The relatively cheap trade-in loan applications, business ‘fullz’ comprising a complete business attack dossier, and even SMS text bombing rental services. One discovery, however, stood out from the others as far as this somewhat jaded cyber-writer is concerned: a hacker university selling cybercrime courses to dark web degree students.

The people behind HackTown, the hacker university in question, describe it as somewhere designed to teach people how to become professional cybercriminals. The welcome page states that every course is geared towards “hacking for profit and committing fraud,” aiming at those with little or no coding experience. “By taking the courses offered,” the HackTown operators say, “you will gain the knowledge and skills

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  • An international police sting targeting dark web sellers has led to 179 arrests.
  • A total of 500 kilograms of drugs, $6.5 million, and 64 firearms were seized.
  • FBI Director Chris Wray said the bust came at a critical time, as the pandemic has come with a spike in opioid overdoses.
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An international police sting has led to the arrest of almost 180 dark web vendors.

Called Operation DisrupTor, the sting was led by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police but also involved US law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Europol, and the Dutch National Police.

A total of 179 arrests were carried out, with 121 taking place in the US. The rest were distributed across Europe, though the majority of these (42) happened in Germany.

According to Europol’s press release over $6.5 million in cash and virtual currencies was seized, along with 500 kilograms of

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The collapse of Choice Bank, an obscure entity in Belize, went largely unnoticed in 2018.

But Americans were among the uninsured depositors filing claims in its failure, totaling $100 million. Some said they were startled to learn that their money was trapped in a small bank in Central America. They thought they were doing business with a U.S.-based company called Payoneer.

“Losing out on money that I’m not expecting to lose is very upsetting, even still,” said Mara O’Halloran, a Pennsylvania mother of two who said she is out thousands of dollars as a Choice Bank depositor.

Not everyone was shocked by the Choice Bank collapse. Years before, an array of banks were raising questions to regulators about its practices. In 2014, for example, Bank of America characterized Choice Bank as “an issuer of prepaid cards for program managers with inherently high risk.”

That and other warnings about Choice

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(Bloomberg) — The dollar’s weakest quarter in a decade may get even worse as investors respond to the effects that massive American equity-market gains have had on the composition of their portfolios.

The Bloomberg dollar index has plunged close to 5% this quarter and is on track for its biggest slide since 2010 as America’s economy shows signs of recovering from its pandemic-induced slump. That more upbeat narrative has helped to underpin a 7% rally in the S&P 500 Index that puts to shame to gains in stocks from Japan to the euro area and Canada — not to mention losses for U.K. and Australian equities.

The U.S. outperformance, though, may prompt global portfolio managers to realign weightings of their holdings in an effort to maintain appropriate risk levels. This process — often carried out in the days leading up to month-, quarter- or year-end — usually involves selling an

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The dark web isn’t something you probably think about very often, at least not in positive terms. Traditionally it’s this scary place where people go to buy illicit drugs and solicit illegal acts. In reality, while it can be a haven for non-traditional internet activities, it generally just takes the free expression of the internet to the extreme.

That extreme is something both grandiose and terrible. The latter of which, as far as enterprise software use within small business is concerned, needs protection as provided by companies such as FiberWolf. But this is the 21st century. This kind of protection doesn’t come in the form of a white hat hacker in a dark room surrounded by CRT monitors — it comes in the form of artificial intelligence.

San Juan based FiberWolf is focused on slapping down any threats to network security platforms with its DarkLogic

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WASHINGTON — When allies of former President Barack Obama set up a super PAC to support his 2012 re-election, the White House disowned the group, The New York Times published a scathing editorial and former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin gave a speech warning Democrats would “lose our soul” if they allowed big money into the party.

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But fears of being outgunned trumped those principled objections and, less than a decade later, Democratic super PACs are spending more than Republican ones. Liberal “dark money” groups, which obscure the source of their funds, outspent conservative ones for the first time in 2018. Even reform hawks like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders had their own personal big-money groups supporting their presidential campaigns.


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“Their mantra of not ‘unilaterally disarming’ was really their justification for learning how to master super PACs and dark money and all

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