• President Trump spreads conspiracy theories all the time. But last night, he went too far, even for Laura Ingraham.
  • He claimed shadowy figures were controlling Joe Biden and sending black-clad antifa members on planes to wreak havoc. When pressed for details, he said the story was “under investigation.”
  • The fake story was born on Facebook, which has become the go-to venue for terrified suburban boomers pushing conspiracy theories.
  • As “leader of the free world,” Trump is the most dangerously gullible boomer.
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President Donald Trump famously, proudly, does not like to read. He does, however, “hear” things all the time. 

He frequently hears “a lot of people saying” ridiculous, incendiary, and patently false things, many of which can be traced to far-right message boards.

From there, such conspiratorial lies often migrate

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