This Letter to the Editor ran in the Oct. 1 issue of the Waltham News Tribune.


I am looking to submit this letter to the editor to voice my opinion about Commissioner of Building William Forte. As a Waltham resident for a long time, I have seen lots of progress in the City of Waltham, from a deserted downtown to a popular downtown. This city has moved into a category of a City of Choice, published in Boston Magazine and other publications.

With progress comes building and remodeling. The Commissioner has made it very tough and most cases nearly impossible for builders, businesses, etc., that are residents in most cases, and that pay into the city coffers to comply under his thumb. It forces them out of businesses in certain cases, hiring attorneys to defend their interest, and costing them time and money. Let’s remember what runs

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A majority of small and medium businesses and start-ups are not in favour of the Non-Personal Data Policy in its current form according to a survey by LocalCircles.

LocalCircles has recently released a survey report based on the draft Non-Personal Data policy released by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, released a draft non-personal data policy in mid-July.

According to the report, a majority of MSMEs and startups believe that “permitting large businesses and platforms to sell aggregate data for a price” will not help them.

“This is one of the most important inputs from startups and MSMEs where they believe that while such a policy may have a stated objective of helping small businesses, it will likely do the opposite if the aggregate data of businesses is requested to or sold by the business as a revenue stream for a price,” the report said.

“Many startups and MSMEs

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Python Web Frameworks Software Market

Python Web Frameworks Software market report consists of an important data that provides future forecast and detailed analysis on a global and regional level. This report gives details and comprehensive data of market definition, classifications, applications, engagements, market drivers and market restraints all of which are acquired from SWOT analysis. Analysis and discussion of major industry trends, market size, sales volume, and market share is also described in this market report. Choosing market research report is very essential for the business growth as it helps with the better decision making, enhancing revenue generation, prioritizing market goals and results in profitable business. Global Python Web Frameworks Software Market key players Involved in the study are Django Software Foundation, Armin Ronacher, The CherryPy team, Agendaless Consulting Pylons Project, 

Python web frameworks software market is expected to expand at a potential growth rate of 21.10% in the forecast

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Fancy house with today's mortgage rates graphics.

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Today’s mortgage rates remain very competitive. Should you lock in at today’s low rates?

Mortgage rates have been very competitive in recent months, presenting homebuyers with the opportunity to secure a home loan at a historically low rate. Today is no exception with average mortgage rates for Sept. 21 remaining below 3.00% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan and below 2.50% for a 15-year loan. Here’s what you need to know about today’s rates.

Mortgage Type Today’s Interest Rate
30-Year Fixed Mortgage 2.938%
20-Year Fixed Mortgage 2.972%
15-Year Fixed Mortgage 2.414%
5/1 ARM 3.456%

30-year mortgage rates

The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate today is 2.938%, up slightly compared with Friday’s average rate of 2.934%.

At today’s rate, you would have a monthly payment of $418 in principal and interest for every $100,000 you borrow. Because this is a fixed-rate loan, your rate and payment will

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– Global online auction market was valued at US$ 4071.9 Mn in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% over the forecast period (2020 – 2028)

PUNE, India, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Request for Sample Copy of This [email protected] 

  • The rapid penetration of internet connectivity across developing countries along with increasing adoption of digital payment platforms is complimenting the growth of online auction market.
  • Online auction of automotive showcased highest penetration in 2019. In the same year, the segment held about 29% share in the overall application segment of the global online auction market. Transparency in car details and transactions has encouraged consumers to adopt the online platforms for auto car auctions. RM Sotheby’s, an auto auction company confirmed that 91% of the automotive offered on their online auction platform were sold in 2020. 
  • The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has encouraged substantial shift of
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Today’s column addresses questions about potential effects of years of lower income before filing, taking spousal benefits before survivor benefits, potential strategies for a married couple ten years apart and taking survivor benefits while delaying retirement benefits till 70. Larry Kotlikoff is a Professor of Economics at Boston University and the founder and president of Economic Security Planning, Inc, which markets Maximize My Social Security and MaxiFi Planner.

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Hi Larry, I’ve enjoyed reading your insights. All of the Social Security calculators I’ve seen assume that I will be making the same income as I did in 2019. Due to COVID-19, many of us are taking pay cuts and being furloughed. I’m in

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