• UK parliamentary authorities have quickly U-turned on a decision exempting Parliament from the nation’s new coronavirus-related 10 p.m. drinking curfew.
  • Under the exemption, which sparked a barrage of complaints after becoming public Monday, members of Parliament had been allowed to continue drinking after bars and restaurants across the country closed.
  • Compulsory registration for drinkers as well as restrictions compelling the wearing of masks also did not apply.
  • The news followed scenes of large crowds on British streets and on public transport as drinkers began being forced to leave pubs at the same time.
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Bars inside the UK’s Houses of Parliament will no longer be exempt from new coronavirus restrictions following public outcry about the decision.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced earlier this month that all bars and restaurants in England would have to close their doors at 10 p.m. in a bid to

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  • The UK government introduced a 10 p.m. curfew for pubs, bars, and restaurants, and compulsory table service as part of its latest coronavirus safety measures.
  • Industry bodies have described this as “another crushing blow” that will “devastate” the sector well into 2021.
  • Two in five adults said they will go out less often as a result of curfew, according to a survey from market research company CGA.
  • The curfew will also affect takeaways. CEOs of fast-food giants KFC and Pizza Hut warned that the curfew could have a “catastrophic impact.”
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England’s new 10 p.m. curfew at pubs, bars, and restaurants — designed to push down COVID-19 cases — is “another crushing blow” to struggling businesses now facing closure, owners have said.


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Nearly a quarter (23%) of members of the UK’s biggest pub and

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