• In Bolivia, lawmakers are pushing through a bill legalizing a form of toxic bleach, chlorine dioxide, as a COVID-19 treatment despite opposition from the country’s health ministry.
  • The substance is called Miracle Mineral Solution by a network of alternative-medicine advocates. Scientists and doctors say it has no medical value and can be deadly.
  • Across the country, reports are emerging of injuries and deaths of people consuming MMS under the false belief it cures COVID-19.
  • A German “researcher” with no apparent medical credentials, along with a group of renegade medics, helped popularize MMS there, Business Insider has found.
  • Analysts say opposition politicians are backing the substance — regardless of the dangers — to exploit growing anger with the embattled government.
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The endoscope images show serious lesions and swellings in the esophagus, the organ that connects the mouth and the stomach.

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