• A new CDC report shows that, as Arizona closed its bars and started enforcing more mask mandates over the summer, coronavirus infection rates in the state quickly tumbled.
  • It’s another good signal that masks, distancing, and avoiding crowds all work really well to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • The CDC said in its report that this “combination” approach of voluntary and mandatory disease-fighting measures “is more effective” than any one tactic taken on its own, and is especially important since we don’t have a good vaccine or treatment yet. 
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Wear a mask and close the bars.

That’s the verdict from a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out Tuesday, which highlights how these two actions — taken together — are critical to fighting COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

The report details how both bar closures and

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As the world is ravaging with the novel coronavirus, North Korea is yet to confirm a single case of the virus in the country.

However, a new report by the Agence France Presse suggests that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un had issued shoot-to-kill orders to curb the spread of the Covid-19.

A United States commander, Robert Abrams, deployed in South Korea claimed that Kim-Jong-Un issued the orders to kill coronavirus positive people.

Earlier in January, the country had sealed its borders with China in order to block the spread of the virus. The state media also claimed that the administration had put in place the state of emergency to the maximum level.

Abrams further informed that the closure of borders had given rise to illegal trading of smuggled goods that may have resulted in the seepage of the virus.

Earlier in July, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had praised the

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The revised Long Format Audit Report (LFAR) that the RBI has asked banks to implement from 2020-21 is welcome and long overdue. The current version of the LFAR — that bank auditors have to submit to the bank management and the RBI — was devised way back in 2002. Those were relatively innocent times, with banking transactions and record keeping done manually to a large extent, and risk management not as big a focus area as it is now. Over the past nearly two decades, banking has undergone a sea-change with digital banking, core banking systems and risk management at the fore now. It is just as well that audit report formats keep up with the times, address the requirements of technology-driven new-age banking systems and do away with some questions that are no longer relevant. The revised LFAR has sought to do that. The revision also seems to have

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