FAYETTEVILLE — Planning Commissioners voiced displeasure over, but approved, a plan for homes and one lot with commercial use facing Huntsville Road west of Crossover Road.

The commission voted 7-0 Monday to approve the plan for 11 single-family lots on the north side of Huntsville Road. One additional lot abutting the street will feature some type of commercial use. A road would split up the middle of the nearly 2-acre site.

Commissioners in May approved rezoning the land, and the City Council subsequently approved, to a community services zone. The city’s community services zone allows single-family up to four-unit dwellings, as well as multifamily and accessory dwellings and cluster housing. Commercial uses include eating places, neighborhood shopping, gas stations or drive-through restaurants, offices and home occupations.

Several commissioners expressed disappointment at a lack of variety of housing types presented in the plan. Commissioner Matt Hoffman described the request as a

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It’s not unusual to see some rather ‘odd’ cars out of the Chinese domestic market and the Farizon FX, first showcased in June, might be one of the most unusual.

Farizon is the commercial vehicle division of Geely and the FX is actually based around the Geely Boyue Pro SUV. The SUV underpinnings are immediately evident when you look at the thing.

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Car News China reports that up until the D-pillar, the Farizon FX and the Boyue Pro SUV are virtually identical in shape. Things then cross into the world of truly bizarre car design with a pickup bed at the rear, a large tailgate, and vertical taillights. Farizon has also made sure the front fascia of the FX looks a little bit different than the SUV it is based on.

The bed of the pickup is extremely

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