When former SF Weekly cartoonist Keith Knight was dubbed a “rising star” of underground comics, he was not shy about his aspirations.

“I would love to — really — take over the world,” he said in a KQED video profile in 2003. But even then, Knight, who later became one of few nationally syndicated Black cartoonists in the country, was already well past the honorific of a “rising star.” A decade prior, in 1993, just three years after moving to San Francisco, Knight mailed Andrew O’Hehir, then-editor of SF Weekly, a 10-dollar bill clipped to his portfolio.

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” Knight wrote.

From there, his fame only grew. His iconic, Harvey Award-winning semi-autobiographical comic strip, The K Chronicles, ran in the SF Examiner, Salon, and the SF Chronicle for years, earning him praise for his sharp — and humorous — political commentary. All

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