• TikTok on Sunday won a crucial court case stopping it from being immediately booted off US app stores.
  • It’s a temporary reprieve, and company still faces future legal arguments ahead of a slated ban on  November 12.
  • Unsealed data shows why the reprieve was crucial — TikTok argued that Trump’s threats to ban the app had already dented its active user numbers.
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TikTok triumphed in a late-night judgment putting a stop to a US government ban on its app overnight in an extraordinary Sunday hearing in a Washington DC court, but it has been bruised by its battle with Trump.

The app was due to disappear from app stores on September 27 thanks to an order by the US Commerce Department, until district judge Carl Nichols decided otherwise. The judge’s legal opinion will be released later on Monday, but in the hearing he

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Much has been made of the overheating time limits of the Canon EOS R5 and R6 and the fact that the overheating timer can be bypassed with seemingly no ill effects. But Canon has now gone on the record to confirm that they did not intentionally hamstring their latest mirrorless cameras to protect other camera lines from self-cannibalization.

Johnnie Behiri of CineD, formerly known as cinema5D, spoke with Katsuyuki Nagai-san, Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe, and directly asked about the murmurings of artificial recording restrictions.

“To some people, it seemed as if Canon was trying to protect their professional EOS camera line by restricting recording times,” Behiri asks. “That might have caused some trust issues between potential customers and the company. Is there anything you would like to highlight in order to reassure people that whatever was done, was not intentional but to

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