OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, owned by the billionaire Sackler family, is nearing a deal to plead guilty to criminal charges in a bid to resolve ongoing investigations into the company’s alleged role in fuelling the nation’s opioid crisis, Reuters reports — the company could face over $8 billion in penalties in the deal while members of the wealthy Sackler family avoid criminal charges, sources told the agency  

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Reuters reports that a settlement to plead guilty to criminal charges is nearly finished between Purdue’s lawyers and federal prosecutors, which could be seen in the next two weeks and could resolve civil and criminal claims. 

The company faces over $8 billion in penalties, Reuters reports — roughly $3.54 billion in criminal fines, $2 billion in criminal forfeiture, and

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Business leaders who have recently pledged to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts can start by implementing a practice called fair chance hiring. It mandates that employers only assess a candidate’s criminal record after the candidate has been interviewed and is considered qualified for a role. Studies show that employment is the single most important factor in reducing recidivism; that people with criminal records are no more likely to be fired for misconduct than people without records; and that they’re statistically less likely to quit, which saves employers a considerable amount in turnover costs. Employers considering building a fair chance hiring program should: 1) Create an intentional hiring plan and make sure that top leadership, HR, recruiting, and legal are all bought in; 2) Connect with local community partners to identify talent; 3) Conduct skills-based interviews; and 4) Fairly assess the charges brought against the candidate by

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What began with a few emotional phone calls and emails quickly became a more organized effort of heart-wrenching, reflective web meetings and detailed policy discussions.

In the end, 32 Black federal prosecutors in Washington signed a 10-page memo to Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin outlining changes they say will help ensure that prosecutors make the fairest decisions, void of nonlegal influences and biases.

They called for implicit bias training for prosecutors and the end of a gun crime prosecution strategy they said disproportionately targets Black communities. They also called for a new focus on alternatives to incarceration.

They said the job of a prosecutor should not be confined to an office or courtroom. Prosecutors, they said, should develop relationships in the communities they serve, attending meetings and events. And prosecutors should be required to visit the city’s jail to better understand the impact on those who are locked up.


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NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As technology advances and takes a more prominent role in everyday life, people learn to embrace it and adjust how they communicate, travel, manage finances, work, and more. Criminals have done the same, using social media and the deep and dark web to communicate and conduct illegal operations. Police and government investigations must adapt their usual crime-fighting methods to be able to keep up.

WEBINT emerges as the primary tool in law enforcement investigations

Web intelligence (WEBINT) is critical in the fight against crime today. From investigating a potential terrorist threat to robbery, fraud, cyber-crime, and more – government agencies and police forces can use the vast amounts of data available online to expedite their investigations and save lives.

Open-source intelligence refers to publicly available data online, whereas web intelligence can include information that is not necessarily public (i.e. data on the

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