Moody’s Analytics today announced that Phoenix-based commercial real estate (CRE) company Fundamental Income has selected the RiskCalc and CreditLens solutions to evaluate and monitor the credit risk of their commercial tenants.

Fundamental Income will use the CreditLens platform to collect and coordinate its tenants’ financial statement data, while the RiskCalc platform will improve the company’s understanding of the tenants’ credit risk.

“Moody’s Analytics provides transparent and authoritative sources of credit analysis, which is vital to our business,” said Chris Burbach, CEO and Partner of Fundamental Income. “Their tools will help us gather, organize, and analyze the strength of the tenants in our net lease portfolio from the start.”

The CRE sector is facing unprecedented challenges as many commercial tenants have seen a spike in credit risk due to COVID-19. The RiskCalc and CreditLens solutions allow firms to closely monitor their tenants’ credit risk on

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