CRA International, Inc. that conducts business as Charles River Associates CRAI has an impressive Growth Score of A. This style score condenses all the essential metrics from the company’s financial statements to get a true sense of quality and sustainability of its growth.

The company has an expected long-term earnings per share (three to five years) growth rate of 13%.

Factors That Bode Well

We believe that Charles River’s international operations helped expand its geographic footprint and contribute significantly to the top line. A global network of coordinated operation helps it enhance its knowledge base and areas of functional expertise. The company recently recorded the highest second-quarter revenues in its history. Revenues of $123 million increased 11.3% year over year in the quarter. It registered double-digit year-over-year revenue growth in Finance, Forensic Service and Life Sciences practices. Charles River’s professional team has helped it achieve and maintain a solid reputation

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