We are one of the largest and longest-standing shareholders of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., with an ownership of 2,055,141 shares, representing approximately 8.7% of the company’s outstanding shares.

Since the beginning of our involvement nearly a decade ago, we have had a positive impact on Cracker Barrel, one that led to a change in the executive suite, an overhaul of the company’s board of directors, an increase in the dividend payout ratio (from 24% to 87%), a reduction in low-returning new store openings, and the launch of a licensing business. (You can access all of our letters to management and shareholders on our website, www.enhancecrackerbarrel.com.)

In recent years, however, the board and management have become emboldened to undertake major money-losing projects that not only defy sound reason but are also unrelated to Cracker Barrel’s core business. Plainly, what exactly is Cracker Barrel’s strategy? Shareholders have not been provided

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