San Marcos dance instructor did not cave in to COVID, she pirouetted and took her dancing business online

The founder said she has grown her dance business bigger than ever before.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Since the pandemic started in March, business has shuffle-ball-changed for San Marcos dance studio “Lovely Leaps.”

Founder, Lisa McCabe, closed her doors due to the health order and took a split leap of faith, moving her dance classes online.

“I told my husband I had no idea what we’re doing, so I was like ‘let’s switch to virtual and tell all of our parents they get to take the class for free’,” said McCabe.

Her in-person classes had a total of 68 students. Five months later, her virtual classes have grown to more than 2,500 paying students.

She has had to hire four new dance instructors to help.

“What sets us apart is we don’t try and perfect the kids’ dance moves. They are 10 and under. We become their best friends. In the 30-minute dance classes, we try and get them to smile and get them hyped up for their favorite songs. Yes, the movement is simple, but it creates a dance that the kid is proud of,” said McCabe.

She was recently diagnosed with a stress-induced condition called Spasmodic Muscle Tension Dysphonia, making it difficult for her to speak. 

“It started right around the same time the pandemic hit. I toss it up the stress of the pandemic,” said McCabe.

Being a dance instructor is not only physically demanding, but it requires a voice as well, but Lisa has relevéd to reach the high demand of her growing virtual dance classes.

She gets a little help from Disney princesses.

A princess joins at the end of class, so the children can perform the dance they learned.

Lisa’s digital stage would not be in existence today if it weren’t for the pandemic as she has figured out how to keep children moving and grooving around the world.

“We’ve had kids in Australia, Europe, New York, kids all over the globe now just because of the pandemic,” added McCabe.

Lovely Leaps is opening up in-person learning again next month at a new studio in San Marcos, but she will continue her online classes as well.

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