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Mike Condry dedicated to baseball in Middletown

Four years ago, our family became members of the Middletown Babe Ruth League. When a player’s time ends in Little League, the Babe Ruth League becomes an option to continue the great game of baseball. The advantage of this league; it gives players, of all levels of ability, to compete, and with a major league size infield with similar rules.

The person that has kept this league going successfully for many years now, in the capacity of both president and coach, is Mike Condry. As a former standout player, he brings his expertise, humor, and love of the game to this organization. Aside from the many nuances of baseball I have learned from him, his introductory question to the new players is, “What position do you play?”

The answer should be, “wherever you want me to play coach!” Each player has a chance to try any new positions. If another team is short a player for a different game, they might have an opportunity to fill in and play more baseball. What a deal!

He takes his baseball seriously. He will let a player know of a costly error and teach the correct way and will also award that same player for a good pitching performance or a clutch, run-saving play with a game ball, acknowledging them in front of their teammates.

I know all of this because I have had the privilege of coaching with him in this organization. My son started four years ago and is now aging out (went by very fast). The growth, confidence, and enjoyment both my son has received as a player and I as a coach; you cannot put a price tag on such an experience.

With COVID eliminating baseball at all levels this spring, Mike led the push to salvage some competition, within state guidelines, with both the older and younger players, which has recently ended. On behalf of my family and I’m sure all the others, both past and present, that took advantage of and had the fortune of playing on the Berkeley, Seveney (in Portsmouth), and famous Cardines fields all these years, I would like to thank Mike Condry for the time, dedication, and energy he has given to youth baseball in Middletown and the surrounding communities that played in this league.

Jim Williams, Middletown

Mask-wearing is for everyone’s safety

In response to Hans Bogaars’ letter of Aug. 12, Hans, it’s for your safety and mine! It’s not just your business when you are reckless. Who do you think responds when you exhibit the type of behavior you espouse?

This is not a matter of rights, it’s a matter of common sense and concern for every other citizen your irresponsible behavior impacts from emergency personnel, medical personnel and ordinary citizens endangered by people who are not willing to follow proper protocols in this very trying time. It’s definitely Not your right to put my health and safety in jeopardy.

Pat Chase, Portsmouth

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