Letter to the editor: Arntzen champions classical education | Letters to the Editor

As a mother, Army veteran, business owner and former high school English teacher, I know the value of civics and classical education goes far beyond politics of our time. Through civics and classical education, our children develop skills that will boost their personal growth beyond their scholastic careers. They learn to be “productive” citizens and gain a greater understanding of the world around them as well as their culture and the history and value system of our country. Civics and classical education allow a student to reflect upon the world with a humanitarian approach. Students gain respect for their culture and for others around them. These insights are more important for the future of our society than any Common Core curriculum or standardized tests. Now is the time to take our country back as well as our children’s education, which we all pay dearly for, not only through our taxes but through the blood, sweat and tears of our endeavors to be successful and maintain freedom for all.

That is why I support Elsie Arntzen for re-election to State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Elsie works diligently to build our schools and our local communities. She believes the best way to serve our diverse state is to empower our local parents, teachers and students to ensure they receive the best education possible in the safest environment. Join me in voting for Arntzen and support her in bringing back classical education as well as the “Stars and Stripes” in every classroom.

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