Letter | Stopping visits is better than running the risk of a lockdown | Western Advocate

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RE: Football NSW Defends Teams Coming To Bathurst From Hot Spot, August 11. It’s very sad that people from a known “hot spot” area for the virus would even contemplate unnecessary travel en masse to another area, let alone that they are foolish and uncaring enough to do it. So I think to prevent this happening again, it is imperative that Bathurst Regional Council direct all local groups, not just sporting bodies, to cancel, and work to prevent, visits to this region by all outsiders until there is agreement from the relevant health authorities that the danger has passed. READ ALSO: No doubt such a direction will cost some local businesses some part of their business turnover, but how much greater will the cost be, in both risks to healthcare workers, human suffering and lives lost, as well as business costs, if we have an outbreak foisted upon us and we have to go into lockdown again to get back on top of it? This could be done in such a way as to still permit necessary travel by individuals with relevant permissions, after obtaining approval.



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