Keltron to set up super capacitor production facility in Kannur

To cater to the rising demand for super capacitors in various industrial fields, Kerala-based electronics corporation Keltron is planning to set up a production facility at Keltron Component Complex Ltd (KCCL), Kannur.

The facility uses most the advanced technology developed by VSSC/ISRO (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre/Indian Space Research Organisation) in super capacitor production, it said.

The MoU for technology transfer has been signed between KG Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, KCCL, and Elangovan, Deputy Director, VSSC.

The ₹42-crore project report will be submitted to the State Industries Department for approval. The indigenous production facility will have the capacity to produce more than 18 lakh super capacitors in a year.

A super capacitor (also known as ultra capacitor, or electrical double layer capacitor) is a high-capacity capacitor whose capacitance is much higher than normal capacitors but with lower voltage limits (up to 2.7 V). It typically stores up to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors.

The product is used in number of applications ranging from automotives and renewable energy to electronics. It is designed to be utilised in a variety of industries for many power requirement needs. The end applications of super capacitors span from milli-watt powers to several hundred-kilowatt power needs.

Industries that can be benefit include transportation, consumer electronics, renewable energy, defence equipments, automobile — especially electric vehicle industry — space launch vehicles and industrial. Currently, these industries in India mostly rely on imports for various grade super capacitors.

Considering the emerging application of super capacitors and the goal of self-reliant India in the field of technology, establishing a manufacturing facility will be major milestone. Keltron is outlining to complete the project within one-and-a-half years, a release said.

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