How entrepreneurs launched and scaled their businesses during pandemic

  • Though many businesses have shuttered or gone bankrupt during the pandemic, another crop of entrepreneurs are seizing the moment to innovate and scale. 
  • Business Insider talked with entrepreneurs across the country to learn how they recovered from layoffs, started side-hustles, and ramped up their businesses during the pandemic — all from the comfort of their homes. 
  • They gave their top tips on staying organized, launching new products, and gaining customers. 
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Although the coronavirus pandemic has shuttered and bankrupted numerous businesses, it’s not an impossible time to start a brand new business or grow the one you have. Some of the greatest ideas came out of economic crises and there are many industries ripe to disruption as COVID-19 has accelerated pre-existing consumer trends. 

Business Insider talked to entrepreneurs across the country to learn how they recovered from layoffs, started side-hustles, and ramped up their businesses during the pandemic — all from their own living rooms and kitchens during quarantine.  

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