Farmers urged to test seeds before sowing

The Chairman and Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Foodgrains (CPS) Marketing Yard S Rethinavelu has cautioned people against accepting unsolicited seed packets from overseas, besides insisting upon them to have such seeds tested at laboratories for their efficacy before sowing.

Sensitising farmers about “seed terrorism”, Rethinavelu said the International Seed Testing Agency (ISTA) has already issued a warning about the consequences of sowing unsolicited seeds and the resultant impact on food production, the spread of crop diseases and related health and environmental problems.

Taking a cue from such warnings, the Tamilnadu Foodgrains (CPS) Marketing Yard has made it mandatory for farmers to get the seeds tested in a laboratory before using it for cultivation.

“This would not only help avoid yield loss but save the farmer and environment as well,” he said while cautioning on the choice of inter-crop, fencing crop and fodder crops.

“Farmers should refrain from using non-native seeds for fencing/ fodder crops as it could suppress the core crop,” Rethinavelu said.

Tamilnadu Foodgrains (CPS) Marketing Yard is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), established with assistance from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

Located at Sikkandar Chavadi in Madurai, the 30-acre marketing yard has several infrastructure facilities under one roof like Scientific Warehouse, Cold Storage Unit, Individual Marketing cum Storage Depots, Spacious Container Terminal, Cleaning and Grading Machine, Colour Sorting Machine, Packaging Machine, Product Display Centre, Seminar Hall etc.

“We also do seed tests,” he said.

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