Everyone Wants to Talk Money, Money, Money”

Duke sophomore Wendell Moore Jr. was selected for the NABC’s players advisory committee to give feedback to the coaches organization on issues facing the sport.

As a representative, he’s already heard from players around the country on what’s important to them.

“I’ve been in contact with a lot of my friends around the country in college basketball and with our team,” he said. “Obviously, everybody wants to say is money, money, money. Everybody wants to get paid from this. That’s a good thing, but also, the main thing is the game—playing college basketball, how it’s going to be played and is it going to be played safely. We may not make it through the wholes season, however long the season is going to be, but we want to make it through the whole season with no stoppage. We don’t want to start playing, stop, take a break and maybe pick it back up. Everybody’s main focus is getting back on the court. I know everybody’s hungry to play. They’ve been waiting almost half a year to play. That’s the main thing we’re focusing on right now.”

The coronavirus pandemic is obviously a major concern, and Moore is open to borrowing a page from the NBA and trying a bubble for college basketball.

“I kind of feel like it’s what we’re doing now (at Duke),” he said. “Obviously, we have the money to do that. Other schools may not be as fortunate. I can’t speak for those schools. I think idea of a bubble would be a really good idea, just to isolate all the teams that want to play each other, keep things safe, keep us away from the public, and keep us in our own area where we’re able to play the game the right way—safely.”

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