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Small Business Ideas

Dan Russo, Chief Market Strategist at Chaikin Analytics headlined his 10/12/20 newsletter to clients with the question: “Changing of the Guard?” He noted that our ETF Power Rank on the tech-heavy Invesco QQQ Trust, Series I ETF (QQQ) (ETF Home) fell from Bullish to Neutral while that of the small-cap oriented iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) (ETF Home) jumped from Neutral to Bullish. If, in fact, small-cap really is moving into the market driver’s seat, that would be a major development, particularly in what it says about risk tolerance. So let’s consider the potential for this to be a sustainable thing (subject, as with everything else, to the ebb and flow of Presidential tweets) and how, if it is, what ETF plays we might consider.

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We Don’t Want To Get Caught Up In The Moment

Small caps are definitely looking

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Rhonda Abrams, Special to USA TODAY
Published 10:00 a.m. ET Oct. 14, 2020


Learning to be flexible and to pivot quickly has helped O’Brien achieve great success as a reporter and entrepreneur.


In the three decades I’ve been advocating for small businesses, there’s never been a more challenging time for them and for the self-employed. And we’re far from out of the woods as this pandemic is not yet under control, and the economy is likely to take a long time to recover.

We’ve seen how President Donald Trump and his administration have responded to this crisis, but what would an administration headed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like for small business and the self-employed?

“Day one, the focus is getting the coronavirus under control,” said Rhett Buttle, Biden for President National Business Advisor. “One in six small businesses are probably not coming back,

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This is How I Focus, a series about how extremely productive and highly creative people block out the noise and get shit done.

Maurice Harris’s job is to make beautiful things. He makes them at his floral studio, Bloom & Plume, for a star-studded clientele of high-end fashion houses and in-the-know celebrities. He posts them on his Instagram, where he infuses them with elaborate character profiles. He creates them for his Quibi show, Centerpiece. Did we mention he also owns a coffee shop with his brother and has signed on to judge a competitive flower arranging show on HBO Max?

A self proclaimed workaholic, Harris sometimes struggles to keep so many plates spinning. His day-to-day involves a few balancing acts: managing his bottom line while trying to uphold the integrity of his work, delegating tasks without sacrificing too much of his vision, investing in his passions without turning them

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The data is very clear. According to a study reported by Small Business Trends, entrepreneurs who have business plans are twice as likely to obtain capital and more likely to grow than entrepreneurs who do not.

But the biggest benefit of a business plan is the thinking you’re forced to do while creating it. You will get new ideas that will make your business even better. You will figure out ways to overcome potential obstacles along the road to startup. You will identify alternate routes you can take if things don’t work out quite as you expected.

This is the fourth in a series of columns that provide several helpful business topics for the new small business. It is based on one of SCORE’s recent projects developed with the help of and in partnership with FedEx. This project is called “Startup Roadmap” and outlines every step in starting a business.

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Running an online business and being your own boss definitely has its appeal. In fact, it’s so enticing that the number of registered online businesses in the country is now 40 times more in the past five months[1]. Definitely, the internet is a great medium to connect with customers without leaving home. However, starting an online business also has its challenges—the biggest one is coming up with enough money for capital. But don’t worry because there are many online business ideas you can start for as low as PHP 2,000.

Want to take the leap? Keep on reading to learn more about online business ideas in the Philippines you can start in 2020.

Online Business Ideas 2020

1. Make Artisanal Candles

online business ideas 2020 – candle business

Aromatherapy candles can help people relax after a tiring day. They are perfect to cap off a busy workday,

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IBM Corp. said today the creators of an application that helps to connect and provide support for small farmers around the world have won the grand prize of its 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge.

Call for Code is an annual contest held by IBM that invites developers to create and deploy applications based on open-source technology that can tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the world.

The Agrolly app was created by a distributed team of developers based in Brazil, India, Mongolia and Taiwan who first met at Pace University in New York City. Tasked with creating a solution that can help communities fight back against climate change and COVID-19, they came up with Agrolly as a way to provide help and support for small farmers in developing nations that are struggling with reduced crop yields as a result of climate change.

Agrolly, which can be downloaded

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Melbourne business owner Sabina Vitacca has a new business plan thanks, in part, to a free mentorship program being funded by the state government.

a woman holding a cup: Sabina Vitacca Meditate Now

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Sabina Vitacca Meditate Now

Vitacca is the owner of Meditate Now, which she has been running since 2008 as a sole trader. 

A mindfulness and meditation coach, speaker and facilitator, Vitacca is based in Moonee Ponds, where she runs virtual programs and offers one-on-one coaching for executives and professionals. 

But back in March, when the coronavirus took hold in Australia, Vitacca says her corporate workshops offering took a hit as would-be participants shifted their priorities, reduced spending and saw their workplaces change overnight with the move to remote work. 

“Some businesses migrated online, but I found this wasn’t at the same fast pace I’m used to, and instead decided to focus on supporting our community to build resilience, reduce overwhelm and

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It’s almost that time of the year again! The holiday season is edging forward, and with it comes the need to think about how to prepare your business for sales in order to enjoy a big uptick.

Small businesses make the majority of their money from around Halloween to New Year’s. With holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas peppered in between these two holiday season bookends, you should start preparing now for the holiday sales coming up.

On average, consumers spend around $1,000 during the holiday sales seasons. This is a figure that has been steadily rising over the past decade.

Even during the 2008 Great Recession, the amount people spent over the holidays only dipped slightly. While it’s likely that there will be a similar dip this year due to the pandemic, it’s still going to be a major chunk of the annual sales your business makes.

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What’s the difference between the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12? About three square inches of display. That’s it. Everything else is the same. Which makes this the first time in years that you’ve been able to buy a smaller phone that wasn’t also a worse phone—not just from Apple, but pretty much anywhere.

After a brief period in which small phones pretty much vanished altogether, like a Caspian horse they’ve made a modest retreat from extinction. But your choices, if you’re in the market, range from the gimmicky Palm phone—originally marketed as a secondary phone for when you’re on the go—to the iPhone SE, which Apple relaunched earlier this year after hiatus that began in 2018. The iPhone SE is perfectly fine, especially for the $400 price, but other than a peppy A13 processor it’s a clear and present downgrade from the rest of Apple’s lineup.

Otherwise your

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COVID-19 didn’t do a new Mid-Michigan bakery any favors when they were trying to open up earlier this year.

“I love Flint, I grew up here, and went to school here. So, it means everything that the Flint community wants another bakery to stick around,” said We’reDough owner Jessica McGuire.

Jessica said after slumping sales over the past few months she was ready to close up, just months after opening. But not before she took to social media.

“In September we didn’t break even. And October was showing up to be worse than September was. And then I made the post and just overnight it went crazy. Now it’s at 235,000 people have seen the post. So, it went a little bit viral.”

We’reDough is a specialty cookie shop that sells edible cookie dough, cookies and ice cream. Sounds pretty good, right?

So, when people saw the post Jessica made

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