graphical user interface, website: Google starts digital engine to accelerate Mena's economic recovery

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Google starts digital engine to accelerate Mena’s economic recovery

Google on Wednesday announced a major programme to support companies in the Middle East and North Africa, which in turn would lead to an accelerated recovery in economies as the world fights back the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Grow Stronger with Google initiative will provide an overall proactive ecosystem that will digitise businesses and help them cope up with the ever-changing dynamics of the market.

The region-wide programme is also a wide-ranged endeavour. With it, the US Internet giant aims to help a million people and businesses in the region learn digital skills and grow their organisations by the end of 2021; get 150,000 UAE and Saudi businesses online; distribute $4 million in grants and loans from; and dole out $9 million in ad grants and

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Where would we be without Google’s omnipresent GPS data to guide us? Google Maps has quickly become an indispensable part of our lives. We use it to find a dry cleaner near the office and even to check what time the local grocery store will close. And while on holiday, Google Maps is where one goes to for the most reliable shopping and dining suggestions. If you are always on Google Maps, then so are your clients.

As of September 2020, Google dominated all search engines in Kenya with 97.7 per cent of all searches. Simply put, almost all your clients are already on Google. As such, Google Maps marketing is indispensable, more so, for smaller businesses.

First, set up your business profile

Before we dive into the tips, it’s important to know that your business will not appear on Google Maps unless you establish a Google My Business (GMB)

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Delray Beach, FL – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 12, 2020 – As a business owner, you likely understand that the majority of your customers use the internet to discover new businesses and local products. But most business owners aren’t sure where to start when it comes to pushing their business up in the search engine rankings. According to Forbes, 93% of searches on Google and Bing never get past the first page. And with ad space, videos, and informational snippets taking up more and more valuable real estate at the top of the results page, there are only about eight spots available on that first page.

Enter business directory listings – the unsung hero of search engine optimization (SEO). Scott O. Hirsch, CEO and founder of Media Direct and digital marketing pioneer, explains how business directories can take your business from obscure to the front page in a

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Google My Business is working on a new feature that will allow businesses to see recent customer calls triggered from search results.

Google is notifying business owners about this upcoming feature via the GMB. The notification can be seen below:

Google My Business to Log Recent Customer CallsCall history notification in Google My Business

Clicking on Try it out prompts a message saying “You’ll be notified when this feature is available.”


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Call history in Google My Business is clearly in the early stages of development. But there’s a help page already published where users can learn more about the feature before it launches.

Clicking on Learn more links to a help page that reads:

“You can use call history to keep track of phone calls from your customers on Google Search and Maps. Your calls are all in one place to help you respond to missed calls and stay engaged with your customers.

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Making a splash in any industry can be a challenge, but increasingly, getting noticed online is proving to be difficult for small businesses in such a cluttered digital landscape.

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One of the best ways to ensure your company website is hitting all the right notes to maximise appearing in search results is through local SEO.


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Local SEO is important, especially for small businesses that operate on a regional level, as opposed to a national level.

Though national SEO primarily focuses on ranking in searches for the entire country, local SEO focuses on narrowing the scope of search parameters, instead aiming to appear in search engine result pages within a specific local area.  

There are several steps businesses can take to improve their search engine rankings (order of appearance on result pages) that can ultimately boost the number of visits they get to

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

This children’s rhyme does not apply in today’s highly connected world where a few negative words can cost your company a lot of business. Now everything from quality reviews and recommendations, legitimate issues and reputation damaging complaints are there for the entire world to see.

Managing your online reputation is no longer optional. It needs a simple strategy that combines monitoring what is available about you and responding appropriately. This will ensure your business is not unknowingly damaged by negative comments.

Even if you have never added your information into Yelp, Google My Business or other online business directories, it doesn’t mean that your business isn’t already visible online and immune from the backlash of an unhappy customer.

How should your business approach managing its online reputation?

Because of its critical nature to the success of your

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Google My Business is giving business owners more data to work with in a series of updates to performance reports.

The most important of these updates is the ability to see how many times a business profile was surfaced in search results.

In an unrelated, but also recent, update Google is reducing the maximum size of videos uploaded to GMB.

Catch up with all the latest Google My Business changes below.

Changes to Google My Business Insights Data

Business profile performance reporting is becoming more detailed and more accessible.

New metrics are being added, and it will be easier for business owners to view data directly from their profile.

First, Google is adding insights into interactions. This data will let business owners know how often people have contacted them after visiting their GMB profile.


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Over the next few months more metrics will be added, including

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Google My Business (GMB) will soon roll out changes to its performance reports. It’s some digital gold that will help you with Local SEO.

In this article, I’ll cover the new GMB features and how you can use them.

Google Rolls out Changes to GMB Performance Reports

Better Insights

For starters, the updated GMB reporting gives you more insights into interactions. That will tell you how often people reached out to you after visiting your GMB profile.

But that’s what you can see right now. Look for more goodies in the coming months.

For example, you’ll soon see detailed reports about how many people saw your business profile in search results.

Additionally, the performance reports will also show data from Google Maps. Google hasn’t yet used Maps data in its GMB reporting.

Local Business Benefit

The new analytics give you a big win if you’re a local marketer.


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Statistics show that mobile users account for more than 70% of all digital media consumed on the internet today. Whether it’s through chatting on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, playing online on Pikakasino, or watching videos on YouTube, this figure shows just how powerful mobile technology is.

For businesses, such a staggering statistic is a game-changer. It opens up new ways and strategies to reach your target audience and attract more customers through mobile marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing refers to any advertising strategy promoting products or services that target mobile users. With billions of people now using their phones to manage their activities, mobile marketing is one ground that your business can leverage to gain a competitive advantage in the market and rapidly grow your reach.

There are numerous ways to use mobile marketing to run a successful advertising campaign. Here are 6 tips you should

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12 easy dental marketing ideas to boost your Dental practice in  2020
12 easy dental marketing ideas to boost your Dental practice in  2020

Without a solid marketing strategy, your dental practice is likely to lose out to the competition when it comes to attracting new patients. Dentistry can be highly competitive with several practices vying for business in the same location. Staying ahead of the field in the digital age calls for an effective online strategy to promote your dental office and generate new business.

Without a solid marketing strategy, your dental practice is likely to lose out to the competition when it comes to attracting new patients. Dentistry can be highly competitive with several practices vying for business in the same location. Staying ahead of the field in the digital age calls for an effective online strategy to promote your dental office and generate new business.

The new year – a time for reflecting on the past and looking to the future – presents the ideal opportunity to review your

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