Best small companies for compensation

  • Career site Comparably released a ranking of the highest-rated small and mid-size businesses for compensation, according to employees.
  • Employees from top-ranked companies with 500 employees or fewer were asked if they were paid fairly, and a large majority of them agreed that they were.
  • Pendo, a computer software company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, was named the best company for compensation, according to employees.
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It goes without saying that being compensated fairly is necessary when it comes to growing your career and being happy at work.

Other aspects of compensation, like adequate benefits and raise opportunities can make all the difference to employees.

Comparably released its annual list of small and mid-size businesses that were highly ranked by employees for compensation. Aside from wages, Comparably also looked at how satisfied employees were with other aspects of compensation, like raises, annual bonuses, benefits, and if applicable, stock/equity. Every company on this list has 500 employees or fewer, and every company on the list has an average compensation satisfaction score of 92%.

Here are the 25 best small and medium companies for fair compensation, according to employees.

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