Benjamin Pierce: Madison should not do any business with CoreSpaces | Opinion

Dear Editor: Recently, Chicago developer CoreSpaces failed to gain approval for a massive, out-of-character, predictably troublesome development at 126 Langdon.

In a recent Cap Times article, CoreSpaces Development VP Rodney King characterized the united campus and neighborhood opposition that led to this result as “frustrating,” alleging that the Neighborhood Committee, and the Planning and Urban Design Commissions failed to give clear, consistent or objective standards.

Many factors led to the united testimony that brought CoreSpaces the bruising 7-1 vote defeat.

First, consider the very bad behavior that we have witnessed recently and locally. They are on record as having promised to keep and maintain their first two Madison projects, The James and Hub I — which were flipped in short order, have been a source of ongoing police contact, and have entered into a seemingly-unbreakable pattern of musical-chairs management changes.

Their counter-assertion that their initial strategy was to flip buildings to gain capitol to enter a phase of more permanent management serves to conceal their initial, and duly recorded falsehood .

In the process of the recent project we saw what appears to be borderline or actual bribery: an offer to the Greek letter communities to receive financial advantages for their members to rent at the Hub, and the promise of “philanthropic donations” to the organizations themselves.

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