An Opportunity For Tech Start-Ups To Succeed In Disguise?

The key to marvel throughout the ‘lockdown’ of outgoing opportunities is to build and train the team to master the art of ‘home ground battle’ for tech survival

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The year 2020 if had to be explained in a sigh would be the year of destruction, financial setbacks, or put in simple words a storm that no one saw coming. This year has got a sum of stains to it but what the world needs to understand is that alongside also entered a set of opportunities for people to prove themselves, especially in the world of technology. Tech Start-ups have also faced its part of obstruction but the ones who knew how to seize this opportunity and survive in the tech track outshined the others without a doubt.

The key to marvel throughout the ‘lockdown’ of outgoing opportunities is to build and train the team to master the art of ‘home ground battle’ for tech survival. Some key aspects that one needs to focus on the opportunities available in India and worldwide accordingly are:

Vocal To Local: The Prime Minister asking the citizens to get ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) and come forward to help the local business grow and the lately imposed bans have led to becoming a blessing for the tech world in India. One can witness ‘n’ number of replacements initiated by the nation’s tech wizards for the apps that have been banned. With this scheme in hand, a smart tech team would take on the golden chance to outshine the others with the help of support provided to them by the government and the citizens of the nation

Client Graph: Without a doubt, a lot of industries have faced a major decline in the client graph ever since the lockdown was imposed. But the field of gaming, OTT, social media, and digital content have witnessed an uproar in their client base with a drastic number. This makes it a lucrative space to enter and build successful models, pertaining to consumer needs.

Funding/Investment: With investors taking a setback due to the ‘this pandemic will last for 12 months’ hoax, the start-ups if quick enough could turn towards grasping any chance. They can receive funding from the government because they are always in business. A sales pitch if done right, highlighting how the company can be beneficial for the powers that be, then their interest in investing and trusting your company is in the 70 percentiles, which if you ask me is commendable. We also, as a tech start-up, are focusing on is decent prospects for funds and investments to come our way.

Golden Hour: One needs to stay positive come what may and times like these need to be looked upon, not as some wasted phase but a golden hour. Always remember that time matters and so does creativity and your talent to showcase your company in a promising frame of success is what will make you a tech entrepreneur

Credibility: The time in our hand is more than what we’ve asked for and we must take the utmost advantage out of it by focusing on research for a better variable keeping in mind the updates that could change the company profile and an uprise in the competition graph. Credibility and how you work towards it will help you in the long run because remember what you do now is what for sure will have an impact on your future profile.

Regardless of a financial crisis being faced worldwide a larger spectrum of ‘smart opportunities’ lie ahead of you. What I mean by smart opportunities is your sense of alertness to take your start-up ahead of times since the world is kind of at a halt. To turn these troubled times into blessings depends on you, your team, and how well you’ll adapt to this phase of the crisis.

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