Top topics for Instagram influencers in pandemic: insurance, recipes

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  • New data from Socialbakers, a social-media marketing company, outlines the content topics that have seen the biggest increase and decrease among the Instagram influencers during the pandemic.
  • Insurance has seen the largest growth, while parties have seen the biggest plummet. 
  • Socialbakers tracked data using its database of millions of influencers between March 16 and August 10.
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As parties, festivals, and travel options were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, many influencers saw a big chunk of their sponsorship opportunities — and even normal day-to-day content topics — disappear as well.

To pivot, many influencers have adapted to the changing landscape by sharing “at-home” content like wellness, cooking, and fitness.

There has also been a surge in “live” content across formats like talk shows, gaming, performances, classes, and shopping. Trends have popped up across social-media feeds like baking sourdough bread. And for many influencers (and other social-media users), there’s been a newfound urgency in addressing national and international issues, such as health and safety protocols when it comes to social distancing, or responding in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But there are other topics that might not be as apparent that have also seen an increase in influencer content during the pandemic, according to new data from Socialbakers, a social-media marketing company.

In the period from March to August, “insurance” had the highest growth rate among influencers of any content topic, according to Socialbakers. This likely came from a surging interest within that industry in seeking out influencers for sponsored-content opportunities. Life insurance brand Northwestern Mutual, for instance, recently started partnering with several influencers on Instagram through paid sponsorship posts.

Socialbakers looked at around 8 million Instagram influencers within its database to track topic trends between March and August of 2020. Here’s a breakdown of what it found.

Here are the content topics that increased most between March 16 and August 10: 

  1. Insurance: 35% increase
  2. Mobile phones: 11.6%
  3. Community issues: 10.6%
  4. Televisions: 7.7%
  5. Environmentalism: 6.6%
  6. Recipes: 5.7%
  7. Politics: 5.3%
  8. Newspapers: 3%
  9. Law: 2.6%
  10. Engineering: 2.3%

And here are the topics that decreased most between March 16 and August 10: 

  1. Parties: -67.9% decrease
  2. Music festivals: -52.6%
  3. Vacations: -49%
  4. Performing arts: -45.5%
  5. Sunglasses: -44%
  6. Live events: -38%
  7. Nightclubs: -35.6%
  8. Wine: -32%
  9. Hotels: -31.8%
  10. Beaches: -29.5%

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