This business is a high-profit franchise that gives owners support and resources necessary to become their own boss

Junk Wiz, a recession-proof business franchise, is on a mission to support and provide the resources to as many people as they can in order for them to get out of the daily 9 to 5 and start living their dreams. Today’s current climate has turned our lives upside down and taught us a lot of things – one of which is that you never really have a sense of security in a job or a company that employs you. You could be an asset one day and laid off the next, which just gives most people anxiety and not much to rely on.

Junk Wiz has made it easy for the many people seeking to find fulfillment in their jobs and wanting to get out of the daily hustle with no

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Starting October 1st, Wiz Khalifa fans will be able to order food from an online menu curated entirely by the Grammy-winning rapper. Khalifa revealed details of “HotBox by Wiz” on Monday, sharing that he’d teamed up with Nextbite — a restaurant company that distributes delivery-only brands nationwide — to launch the new business venture.

While the menu items are mainly inspired by Khalifa’s personal-favorite dishes and “Midwest family favorites with 420/rap flair,” according to a statement, fans of the North Dakota-bred musician will also be able to provide input. HotBox by Wiz’s preliminary offerings include a dish called “Blazed Ends,” which involves smothering burnt brisket ends in BBQ sauce, a “Taylor Gang Turkey Burger” that’s topped with creamy mayo and served with a side of “Chip Hits” — house-made chips tossed in parmesan and lemon — an extra-cheesy mac & cheese bowl, and a “Mile High Dark Chocolate Brownie,” which

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