Syracuse, N.Y. — New York’s 50-person limit is killing weddings and other group events that are a vital part of business at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, the city’s historic landmark hotel.

Owner Ed Riley, who brought the former Hotel Syracuse back from the dead in 2016 with an $82 million renovation, said New York’s 50-person limit on gatherings is unreasonable for venues like his that have large ballrooms and depend on weddings and other group events for their livelihood.

“These edicts come out from the state, and they’re very vague,” he said.

New York limits gatherings such as weddings, conferences and parties to 50 people as part of its effort to contain the spread of the highly contagious novel coronavirus and Covid-19, the sometimes-deadly respiratory disease it causes.

The 50-person limit applies no matter how large a function room is. That’s different than the state’s 50% rule for restaurants, which

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To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle. I am a proud first generation Italian American, who, as the son and eventual owner of Centore’s, has strong lifelong connections to downtown Syracuse and the Cathedral, having both run a family-owned business downtown and volunteered extensively at the Cathedral.

I propose removing the statue of Columbus. In its place in downtown Syracuse, I would like to see a statue erected that honors all the immigrants who emigrated here to seek a new life, and in striving through hardship and adversity never gave up hope in their search for liberty and equality. An excellent example of this type of monument is Philadelphia’s Irish Memorial Park that tells the story of the Irish who came during the famine. It contains an enormous statue showing their journey from hunger and oppression to life in a new land.

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