The tie-dye trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon, which means you’re sure to see colorful sweatsuits, socks, and cropped shirts on your IG feed well into fall. Your friends will pose in crewnecks at the skate park or post tutorials of how they bleached a pair of socks to have a cosmic-looking twist on Reels. In turn, you’ll want to recreate some of these Instagram ideas for pictures in tie-dye that are totally out of this swirl.

You may toss on your favorite pair of pink and blue tie-dye shorts along with your go-to sunglasses, and head out to your backyard where your tripod is set up. When the sun goes behind a cloud, you’ll turn on your self-timer so you can score a well-lit and well-posed photo that shows you lounging in a hammock or kicking your feet up in the air. The final photo will give off a

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