• Natasha Oakley has been an entrepreneur since graduating high school, when she founded her own production company out of her native Australia.
  • Now with an Instagram following that tops 2 million, her business savvy has taken social media by storm.
  • She cofounded Monday Swimwear with a $30,000 loan, and it’s now a multimillion-dollar brand.
  • Oakley has used her business savvy to invest in startups, real estate, and more. 
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Natasha Oakley’s start as an entrepreneur came right after high school, when she began running her own production company out of Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Sydney in her native Australia.

“By the time I was deciding whether to go to college or not, I had started my own production company and was producing video and photo campaigns for brands in Australia and the US,” she said. The visually oriented business produced content for other brands

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4 secrets to thriving as an entrepreneur in uncertain times, from the cofounder of a multimillion-dollar swimwear brand that was just an Instagram account and a $30,000 loan 6 years ago

Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley.

Emily Abay Photography

Natasha Oakley is the entrepreneur behind Monday Swimwear, a role that includes brand ambassadorship and a major social media presence. An ambitious leader, she shared the strategies that have played the biggest role in her career with Business Insider.


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