When Stacy Rist received a letter last October about Granbury’s plans to place a wastewater treatment plant near her RV business, the specifics went right over her head.

Bennett’s Camping Center and RV Ranch, which is a barbed-wire fence away from the planned sewage plant at 3121 Old Granbury Road, has been in Rist’s family since 1972. She couldn’t imagine that the city announcement would affect her family’s plans to expand the property to meet tourist demand.

Now, ahead of a Sept. 10 virtual public meeting about the city’s permit request led by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Rist compares the prospect of the plant moving in next door to watching her business be held hostage.

“It can be just one review that says, ‘You’re camping next to a sewer plant’ and it is going to destroy our RV park,” Rist said. “I feel like I’ve been taken

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Otto Aviation is looking for investors to advance its unconventional “Celera” business aircraft from a prototype to a production airplane built in the thousands. The media attention the company has garnered since formally unveiling the Celera 500L last week is no doubt pleasing.

But with the spotlight comes scrutiny and the questions that all startup aviation manufacturers face. The answers often determine whether a new effort even reaches the market. In Otto’s case the mere appearance of the Celera with its bulbous fuselage, pusher propeller and short, thin wing, leads to questions.

The man responsible for the project, and the Celera’s distinctive shape, is William Otto Sr., a former researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory, chief scientist at North American Aviation (subsumed by Boeing in the 1990s after a series of mergers) and founder of aviation

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