• Childrens’ spending habits in the UK have shifted to online games such as “Roblox” and “Fortnite” since lockdown began, away from sweets and books, a pocket money app has reported.
  • Kids are also saving 14% more money than they did in 2019 — that’s £104 ($135) a year, RoosterMoney.
  • Lego, Roblox, and Apple are the top three brands that children save up for, the study found.
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Online video games “Fortnite” and “Roblox” have overtaken sweets and books as the main target of kids’ pocket money spending in the UK, according to a pocket money app.

A study by RoosterMoney of 24,000 kids in the UK aged between four and 14 had Roblox, a virtual gaming platform, in top spot, followed by Epic Games’ “Fortnite,” a battle-royale video game.

Within these games, users can buy outfits and accessories to personalize virtual characters. 

Epic Games

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — With all the stories of businesses struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, it comes as a welcome change to know of one that is positively thriving right now.

Rocky River pastry chef Ann LoParo’s business, Annie’s Signature Sweets, is one of these.

LoParo began her business a little less that three years ago with a combination of catering and teaching baking classes at a co-op kitchen on the west side. She has done well, but now — by teaching her classes online — her business is, well, exploding.

LoParo moved her classes online on March 25, right at the beginning of the virus shutdown.

“I have taught about 80 classes since then,” she said, “and have students participating from India, Canada, Hawaii and a lot from California and New York.”

Her business has really taken off since the pandemic began, she said, and now she is even

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