RC Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti Suzuki India, is of the view that it is too early to make a forecast for anything beyond three months as the market still faces some uncertainties.

Bhargava, who started as early as in 1983 and understands the pulse of the Indian market, was recently appointed by the Haryana government as the chairman of a committee to attract investments from global companies in the State.

BusinessLine caught up with Bhargava for his views on the market conditions with the festival season round the corner, and supply chain issues post Covid-19, among others. Excerpts:

Post unlock how do you see the market panning out? Do you see growth coming in?

At this stage I am really not able to make a forecast for anything beyond the next three months because the uncertain factors are still very much there. And, we have pent-up demand from the past.

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