The NZD/USD currency pair, which expresses the value of the New Zealand dollar in terms of the U.S. dollar, has been pushing higher in recent times. The 0.68 handle, which the current market price for NZD/USD is just underneath, appears to align well with several other points of support and resistance over the past three years (see daily candlestick chart below).

NZD/USD versus 0.68 Handle in 2020(Source:

In mid-2017, this was found as support. In June 2018, the support was broken; later, from August 2018 through to July 2019 (and arguably even December 2019), several more attempts were made. NZD currently trades at the 0.68 level once again, and the question is whether we will see a further break to the upside.

Regardless of ultimate outcome, it is probable that the pair will trade for at least a few weeks in this area (it was months in the case of August 2018

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Employees at Bookmarks in downtown Winston-Salem plan to reopen the bookstore Tuesday, Sept. 8 after water damage Friday night forced them to close the business over the weekend.

Bookmarks posted information about the water damage, its temporary closing and its plan to reopen Tuesday on its website and on its Facebook page.

Bookmarks is a literary arts nonprofit organization and independent bookstore.

The staff discovered water flowing into the bookstore about 8:30 p.m. Friday, said Jamie Rogers Southern, Booksmarks’ operations director.

Its security camera footage showed two men turned on its garden hose, drank from it, washed their faces and hands and then dropped the hose by the back without turning the water off, Southern said in an email.

“It is hard to tell from the footage if this was maliciously done rather than simple negligence,” Southern said.

Winston-Salem police were called to the scene Friday night.

About 1 inch

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