• First-term Rep. Susan Wild will face Republican Lisa Scheller in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.
  • Pennsylvania’s congressional map was re-drawn in early 2019 after the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania declared its previous districts gerrymandered along partisan lones.
  • Scheller has so far taken on a loan of $1.2 million to fund her campaign, accounting for 65 percent of her total campaign funding.
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First-term Rep. Susan Wild looks to defend her seat against Republican challenger Lisa Scheller in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

The candidates

Wild, the incumbent, is currently the only Jewish Pennsylvanian to hold federal office and the first woman to represent Lehigh Valley. She currently sits on the House committees on Foreign Affairs, Ethics, and Education and the Workplace. Wild holds endorsements from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the End Citizens United PAC, and The Humane Society.

Scheller, Wild’s challenger, is the current chairman

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