Every day people are bombarded by ideas that could derail their financial future. Bad advice, differing expert opinions, and sales pitches are everywhere. They’re faced with important money decisions that could either be very costly or really pay off in the long run.

Whether they personally have $100,000 or $100 million, they feel the burden and stress of making the best moves for their future despite a lot of uncertainty. How do they decide what to do with their money? Where do they turn for financial advice? What if they’ve been misled?

Chad Willardson wrote Stress-Free Money to show people how to overcome the seven obstacles standing between them and financial freedom. He exposes the risks, biases, and major mistakes that keep so many people from reaching their goals. I recently caught up with Chad to learn what inspired him to write the book and which idea he shares is

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Chad and JT are entrepreneurs, comedians and activists with a heart. Their YouTube channel has over 153,000 subscribers and has generated in excess of 15.1 million views. They are a modern Cheech and Chong meets Bill and Ted, without all the weed jokes.

They began their careers by showing up at City Council meetings and using the time allotted to public discourse to lobby for humorous initiatives, such as renaming the international space station after Tom Cruise, in honor of his long-rumored film “Luna Park.”

In a recent video, the comedy duo gave out free masks in Huntington Beach, California. It was picked up by national news organizations and has generated over ten million views.

The premise of the video was simple – they approached people who were not wearing a mask and, in

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  • President Donald Trump announced he’s nominating Chad Wolf to be Homeland Security chief. 
  • Wolf has been leading the agency in an acting capacity for nearly a year.
  • The announcement came less than two weeks after a government watchdog said Wolf was appointed invalidly and is not legally eligible to serve in his current role. 
  • Wolf has faced backlash this summer over the deployment of federal agents to US cities, and calls from congressional Democrats to resign. 
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President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’s nominating Chad Wolf to lead the Department of Homeland Security. 

Trump tweeted, “I am pleased to inform the American Public that Acting Secretary Chad Wolf will be nominated to be the Secretary of Homeland Security. Chad has done an outstanding job and we greatly appreciate his service!”

This announcement came less than two weeks after the Government Accountability Office

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