FCC chairman Ajit Pai has told a member of the House that the agency is generally not in the business of dictating what viewers can and can’t see.

Pai was responding to a letter from Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.), who was concerned about a TV show, La Comey, airing on Mega TV in Puerto Rico and containing what she called “a pattern of xenophobic and racist remarks.”

Velázquez said the show was making direct attacks on the immigrant community and racist remarks and asked the FCC to “review the practices employed by this television show,” adding: “I believe the FCC must ensure that any programs requiring FCC licenses do not unfairly target minorities or any protected classes under the law.”

The show has drawn criticism before and there are renewed calls for its cancellation.

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Pai responded that, under the protections

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  • TikTok is facing an onslaught of executive orders from the Trump administration, an attempt to get the viral app banned in the United States.
  • Tim Wu, an open-internet advocate who coined the term “net neutrality,” argued  in a New York Times op-ed Wednesday that TikTok should be banned as a “tit for tat” response to China’s nationwide internet censorship of US tech companies.
  • Wu wrote that the “privilege” of the US open internet should be available “only to companies from countries that respect that openness themselves.”
  • It’s still unclear whether Trump has the authority to ban TikTok, or how such a ban would work in practice. TikTok is reportedly planning to sue the Trump administration over its proposed ban.
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A leading advocate of a free and open internet has come out in support of banning the popular video app TikTok in the United

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