MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines accused Facebook on Tuesday of censoring pro-government content which it said was tantamount to curtailing freedom of speech and called for new measures to regulate the social media giant to “level the playing field”.

In the Southeast Asian country, President Rodrigo Duterte has been bolstered by establishing a powerful support base on social media platforms like Facebook, a factor that was instrumental in his election victory in 2016.

But Facebook last week dismantled a network of accounts that originated from China and the Philippines for engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”, including one that Manila says it supports for its anti-communism stance.

The takedown drew the ire of Duterte who warned Facebook on Monday night that it should explain what its purpose is in his country if it wants to continue to operate.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said Duterte would not shut down Facebook, but he

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The major broadcast and cable networks were mighty friendly to Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden and the splashy national convention which provided his debut in the political arena last week.

Here is the question that follows: Will media coverage of the Republican National Convention be as generous, or will the networks end up censoring President Trump and his campaign message, or compromising the coverage itself?

The liberal media is already rustling with possibilities.

“America is experiencing asymmetric lying — because President Trump’s campaign is much more dishonest, more frequently, than Joe Biden’s campaign. News outlets have to acknowledge this truth imbalance,” CNN media analyst Brian Stelter warns in a tweet.

“Should TV networks air the Republican National Convention in full?” he asked, suggesting that broadcasters consider cutting away if they believe the Republicans are offering “disinformation” to the voting public.

A network decision to stop covering the GOP gathering

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